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   Current opening

   Project Managers
   4 - 6 years Experience
   Technologies - SAP, Wi-MC,
   Dot.Net, Java etc.

   Sr. SAP Consultants
   3 - 5 years Experienced SAP
   Certified / Non-Certified.

   Web Developer
   3 - 4 years Experienced
   Technologies - Ajax,Joomla,PHP.

   .NET Professionals
   2 years Experience

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Welcome to Shalom ERP

Shalom ERP Technologies Solutions s a leading force in the provision of integrated business and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for manufacturing, accounting and commercial control. Our philosophy is to supply companies with state-of-the-art, flexible business solutions, and to enable our customers to achieve leading-edge business operability.

Today, Shalom ERP Technologies Solutions are specialist in the provision of integrated business systems, serving an increasingly diverse customer base, which includes small, medium and large size companies.

Shalom ERP Technologies Solutions engineered specifically to manage the complex job costing and business process issues faced by most of the companies. The ERP software is designed to handle a nearly endless variety of unique requirements without costly customization.

Flexible order entry, accurate inventory control, easy job costing and completely integrated financials help control the details of complex businesses. The Shalom ERP Technologies Solutions ncludes software, installation and ongoing training and professional support.

Shalom ERP Technologies Solutions has established an impressive track record of innovative product development, providing customers with products that deliver high quality and optimum productivity. Its ongoing commitment to research and development, software support services and training ensures that Shalom ERP Technologies Solutions will continue to provide the strategic advantage.